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What Our Clients Have Said

Travelled to Rwanda, Kenya & Tanzania: My husband and I just got back from our safari adventure with your company and couldn't be happier. We were very impressed with the guides that you matched us with. So much so, that we consider them friends now and were sad to depart. They both set such a nice tone for the trip and we felt very well taken care of by both of them. We can truly say this was the most amazing and life changing trip we had ever been on and the guides were a big part of this experience. We will gladly recommend Safari Partners to any of our friends looking for a Safari adventure.

Cody & Julia Westheimer
Jun 28, 2012

Tour Styles

Camping - Participatory / Basic dome tents.

Basic - Semi-participatory /  2 - 3 star.

Comfort - Non-participatory / 3 - 4 star.

LuxuryNon-participatory / 4 - 5 star.