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What Our Clients Have Said

Travelled to Rwanda: Everything went smoothly from start to finish, and all the arrangements that Chris made on our behalf were absolutely perfect. We were a little anxious getting off the plane in Kilimanjaro, but when we saw the Kia Lodge driver holding up a sign with our names, we were so happy. The first night and the next morning at Kia Lodge were relaxing, and by the afternoon we were ready to continue on to Rwanda and the gorillas. Our driver/guide Patrick was a delight. He was prompt, helpful, and made sure everything went smoothly. The Gorillas Volcanoes Hotel was lovely, too, and the restaurant provided delicious gourmet meals -- definitely the best food of our entire trip. The only slight glitch in the four days was when we got to our final hotel the last night in Kigali, and they didn't have any rooms (because a large group of guests had gotten stranded by their airline for extra days). But within five minutes Patrick had booked us into another (very nice) hotel nearb...

Elizabeth Gershun
Dec 15, 2011

Tour Styles

Camping - Participatory / Basic dome tents.

Basic - Semi-participatory /  2 - 3 star.

Comfort - Non-participatory / 3 - 4 star.

LuxuryNon-participatory / 4 - 5 star.